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“This company was absolutely amazing. They restored my Credit file rapidly and were very professional with their updates. Their customer service is truly unbeatable! Their staff has over 15 years of experience with lending institutions resulting in outcomes that will exceed your utmost expectations. It is very hard to find people and companies that have this much experience and knowledge to be able to not only help people get back on their feet but do it at a great price. You will not be disappointed! Truly amazing!”

Danny L.

Feb 10, 2018


“I just wanted to reach out to you for the wonderful job you are doing on my credit, I was with another company previous to you guys and it has been night and day. I look forward to soon having a 100% clean credit report thanks to your hard work, keep up the great work!”

Claude H.

August 09, 2017


“I wanted to say thank you Pinnacle Credit Management for helping me when the company I hired to help me restore my credit went out of business. Pinnacle Credit Management stepped up, without asking me for money, to do what they said they would, but did not. I know you took this task on simply because you are a company of integrity and a desire to help those that were scammed out of money. Pinnacle Credit Management has served me well and I did not want your efforts to go unnoticed or without you knowing how grateful I am for your efforts. I can tell from talking to you that you care more about helping restore my credit than getting paid for it.”

Luke M.

Oct 22, 2017


“When you are faced with credit issues, particularly reports from the 3 major credit reporting agencies showing errors or inaccurate data, it is great to find someone that is not one of the many “credit fixers”. I have known Pinnacle Credit Management for years and have found that they are truly a reputable company and are incredible at what they do and their deep understanding of the credit reporting agencies. Their access in finding and correcting my credit reports is unchallenged in this business of making corrections that help in seeking legitimate higher credit scores.”

QuinJune 16, 2016



Fast Credit Repair

Repair Your Credit Fast!

Call for a FREE analysis of your Equifax, Experian, and Transunion credit reports:


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“Hey Chris, wanted to drop you all a line and thank you and your staff at Pinnacle Credit Management. I can not tell you how thankful we are at the progress you all have made on our credit reports. Since you started working on mine and Sonja’s credit reports you have brought our scores up to where we are almost in our very own home! Which could not have been done without you and your staff at Pinnacle Credit Management and we say thank you for your hard work and dedication to each of us.”

Robert & Sonja

Oct 16, 2017


“I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude and genuine appreciation to you and the entire staff at Pinnacle Credit Management for all that you’ve done for not only me, but the countless other close friends and clients that you have helped over the years. I continue to be amazed at the seemingly miraculous results your staff has been able to consistently deliver. But also the tremendous amount of personal attention that your team dedicates to each and every file. It’s truly an extraordinary example of both customer service and a tribute to the fine example and extremely high standards that your company sets for everyone that is a part of it.

Keep up the good work and please pass on my many thanks again to your team for all that they do!”

Richard S.

Nov 06, 2017


“After losing a business during the financial crash of 2008, my credit was in shambles. I turned to Andre at Pinnacle Credit Management who has helped my credit tremendously. I can now get financing that I never thought I could again. I highly recommend this company.”

Steve O.

Dec 29, 2017


“Thank you so much Mr. Andre. At the recommendation from a friend I was told to contact you concerning my credit repair, I was leery initially because I had bad results from a previous company and lost my funds and i was left with unfilled promises. But during our first conversation your honesty and integrity permeated from the phone, I knew then that I had struck gold. You sir are so kind, sensitive and professional. Immediately you assured me that I would have no worries and I would see my credit FICO score improve. Recently, I purchased a brand new vehicle with no money down! Thanks to you again, for your diligence and hard work with restoring my credit. Also, thank you for taking my calls (every time) and responding to my emails, answering all my concerns (every time)… you are truly a blessing to me and anyone who uses your services.”

Aubrey S.

July 12, 2017


“I just want to thank you and your team for providing such a great service. I have used so many credit repair companies in the past and not one of them lived up to their promises.

Your team has been not only extremely effective in removing all the negative items off my credit file, but also very helpful in educating me on how to properly manage and build good credit.

I would recommend this service to everyone. Keep up the good work and thanks again for everything you and your team has done!”

Ben M.

July 13, 2017


“I would like to thank you for doing something that I didn’t think could be done. You brought my scores up to the mid and high 700’s. Thanks to you I am now in the process of getting funding (UNBELIEVABLE!!).

I look back over the last months at all of the times I called you asking countless questions and you always answered them with great patience, and for that my friend I thank you. I know you will handle my wife’s case in the same manner. I will be telling everyone I know about you and your company. Hopefully, it will bring you some new clients. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me.”

Donnie M.

Jan 10, 2017


“I would like to take this time to thank Michael Paige and his team at Credit Innovation Group for the excellent work they have done on repairing my Wife and I’s credit. It has been a pleasure to work with them throughout the entire process and I would definitely recommend anyone needing credit repair to use them. The communication and follow-up has been excellent and they far exceeded our initial expectations in a very reasonable time frame. Anyone needing credit repair needn’t look anywhere else. Credit Innovation Group is the best! Thanks again for your help!”

Robb D.

Feb 03, 2017


Fast Credit Repair

Repair Your Credit Fast!

Call for a FREE analysis of your Equifax, Experian, and Transunion credit reports:


Or Sign Up Online















Fast Credit Repair

Repair Your Credit Fast

Call for a FREE analysis of your Equifax, Experian, and Transunion credit reports:


Or Sign Up Online

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