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Legit Credit Repair is here…

Pinnacle Credit Management is home to the only A.I Credit Repair Software out there.


How Much Do We Charge?

Standard Program 

You can take advantage of our Standard program which takes on average 3-6 months (4x faster than Lexington Law) for completion. Our Standard program is only a one-time first work fee of $199 and $99 a month until your credit is completely clean or you decide to cancel. There are no contracts for this program, we simply work on your credit until it is 100% clean.


Fast Track Program

Fast Track pricing starts at $1500 to $2500.00. You are only required to pay the first set up fee and the remaining after you receive your full credit update. Fast Track comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee or your money back! Our Fast Track program uses A.I (Artificial Intelligence) to dispute inaccuracies. Our Fast Track program has an average 80% deletion ratio within the first 15 days (These statistics were formulated based on over 100 clients that signed up for fast track in Dec 2018-March 2019)

Best Credit Repair Companies

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Credit Manager Included

60% of our customers prefer the fast track over our regular standard program because their credit is repaired much much quicker. Our Fast Track Program includes a credit mentor. So what is the use of having a personal credit mentor? I’ll gladly tell you, our personal credit mentors are highly qualified and have professional relationships with banks, credit unions, and all kinds of financial institutions included auto dealers.

Personal Relationships Matter

Each of our credit mentors has their own professional relationships with lenders that they use and have success with, this is important because doing business on a first name and last name basis means more for you! Lenders, Banks, Credit Unions, and Auto Dealers usually give exclusive promotions to our select clients provided they are partnered with our company and are represented by our credit mentors.

Customer Satisfaction is Our  #1 Priority

Every single one of our clients receives a satisfaction survey which grades our entire performance based on several strict factors to measure our quality of service. Here at Pinnacle Credit Management, we have branded ourselves to the highest standards of credit repair and have worked on every single credit file you could possibly think of and our results remain the highest within the industry.


What We Offer That You Cannot Get Anywhere Else…

  • Multiple Rounds Withing 30 Days
  • No Cooky Cutter Disputes or Letters
  • We Complete The Job Faster Than The Rest.
  • We have a 60 Day Satisfaction Or Your Money Back (Only Applicable to Fast Track)
  • Report Your Rent Back To 9 Years On All Three Credit Bureaus
  • Personal Credit Mentor Included With Purchase Of Fast Track Program
  • Free Credit Report, and Credit Monitoring Included In Our Fast Track Program
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