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Fast Credit Repair CompanyIn today’s society credit is a requirement for almost anywhere you go. Whether is a mortgage, an auto loan, or a credit card you are applying for you will never be able to qualify for any type of loan or credit card without exceptional credit.


For the those that have bad credit the cost of living could be challenging as you are paying high interest and those dollars add up very quickly. Bad credit can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars in interest you pay in a years time span. We have provided this chart below to show you how bad credit may affect you.



$250,000 home loan paid over 30 years
             CREDIT SCORE                       RATE                   PAYMENT                       COST OF BAD CREDIT
        800                                       3.9%                         $1,179.17                                              $0.00
           700                                       5.0%                        $1,342.05                                            $58,637
            640                                      6.3%                         $1,547.05                                           $132,574



It is not difficult to see the cost that bad credit, but the real cost of it is much harder to see depending on how you live. For about the same cost of a phone bill, you can afford our credit repair service. Remember we have an average deletion ratio of 80% removals in 90 days which is the highest in the industry so your cost will typically be no more than a few hundred dollars. Pay the price now or it will cost you much much more down the line.






Price for 1 minute

E-Fix Exparte

We come across many clients that cannot wait 3-6 months to have optimal results as they typical have to wait in our monthly program. E-Fix Exparte is the fastest credit repair solution in the entire industry!

E-Fix Standard 


Enrollment Fee 

No need to worry about the price of credit repair with Pinnacle we keep everything simple. Our monthly program is geared toward clients that have anywhere between 5-10 negative accounts.


Monthly Membership 



Monthly Fee

With a monthly membership at Pinnacle Credit Management, we will dispute each credit bureau once every month until we completely remove all of your derogatory negative accounts.




Fast Credit Repair

Call for a FREE analysis of your Equifax, Experian, and Transunion credit reports:


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How We Bill You

A one-time enrollment fee ($199) will be charged within 5 days after signing up for our program then you pay your monthly fee ($89) 30 days later (varies by state). Once you enroll in our program is month-to-month and you may cancel anytime. Like a utility bill, you will be charged a final payment after cancellation since billing occurs for services already performed.


$199.00 one-time First Work Fee, $89.95/Month

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Get Credit Report & Free Consultation

1. Go to 2. Click On "Get Your 3 Reports & Fico Scores 3. Fill out all of your personal information and pay $1.00 4. Send in your log in credentials (Username, Password, Last Four of Social) using the form below or email @ so we can access your report and we will call you immediately to discuss your report. "Take Care Of Your Credit & Your Credit Will Take Care Of You"