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Powerful Black Female Entrepreneurs

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Powerful Black Female Entrepreneurs

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Client Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Pinnacle Credit Management is a company built on transparency and our managers and members are people just like you. Bre was actually one of our clients once upon a time and we knew right away that this was a fit so we brought her onboard the team as the Head of Client Relations for the entire company. We are so proud to have Bre Mebane on our team.


Bre Mebane Director of Client Relations

Las Vegas Mayor Award














“Business Strategist, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist”


Bre Mebane is a dynamic and passionate business strategist and entrepreneur who likes nothing better than to invest and consult small-mid size businesses in areas of expansion, customer relations and streamlining operational cost and delivering bottom-line results. She is continuously developing and seeking new business opportunities; especially in the financial, real estate and franchise marketplace.

Ms. Mebane’s entrepreneurial and leadership spirit was apparent from an early age. By the time she was 14 years old she had already been recognized by several youth leadership councils and organizations (“Youth Leadership America (YLA)”, “National Young Leaders Conference (NYLC)” and “National Society of High School Scholars”) to name a few. Ms. Mebane advanced in her high school curriculum by the 10th grade and enrolled in a program called “Vesey” which allowed her to attend high school part-time and college full-time.

Soon afterward, in 2007 Ms. Mebane graduated high school and college, simultaneously earning both a high school diploma and a college degree. After high school, Ms. Mebane developed a profound interest in pursuing a career in law. Fall of 2007, she was one of the 3% of African American minorities, accepted into the pre-law program at UCLA. Shortly thereafter, she moved to
Nevada to further her education at UNLV-Boyd Law School. By 2012, Ms. Mebane gained professional experience and exposure to “Corporate America”, which tremendously shifted her career focus from law to business. She became immensely intrigued by the founders and history behind the world’s leading Fortune 500 companies.

Las Vegas Mayor Award

















Fortune 500 Inc Standards Nothing Less

Ms. Mebane has held multiple executive and corporate level roles within some of the world’s largest financial organizations and franchises. She has years’ experience working side by side with the president, executives and directors of Mc Donald’s USA franchises for the “Nevada Market”. Where she managed and streamlined various internal organizational change efforts, customer relations, marketing campaigns, restaurant audits, mass franchise hiring, and recruitment development. Ms. Mebane also has an extensive operational, sales and risk management corporate background within multiple major financial institutions: Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Citi Bank.

American Business Woman’s  Association

She has completed numerous specializations and certifications in organizational leadership, business consulting, forensic accounting, auditing recruiting, marketing, and business development. Her favorite part of being an entrepreneur and business strategist is analyzing and discovering improvement areas of opportunities within a company/organization. Despite her busy career, she makes time to be involved with charitable and professional organizations. She is a respected member of the “National Association of Women Business Owner’s”, “American Business Woman’s Association” and “PAYBAC (Professionals and Youth Building a Commitment) Program”. Ms. Mebane has received various awards and recognition from her local Mayor and other organizations for her endeavors and positive impact within her community. When Ms. Mebane is not working, she appreciates fine art, reading, volunteering, combat sports, traveling and networking with like-minded individuals.

Bre’s Mission and Vision

As the Director of Client Relations at Pinnacle Credit Management, I’m here to ensure we not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations. Previously overseeing customer escalations for Mc Donald’s USA corporate franchises, I bring a unique perspective to the work we do by pushing our team to provide integrity with every client. Driven by long term relationship management, I personally take pride in developing the best practices in maintaining client loyalty and ease of doing business with us. With a knack for numbers, I’m passionate about finding innovative ways to grow and increase our market share in the financial industries. Outside of Pinnacle Credit Management, I am a self-proclaimed philanthropist who likes to volunteer, manage fundraising campaigns, read and travel to meet other likeminded individuals.

– Bre Mebane Director of Client Relations

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