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The Truth about Pay After Deletion Credit Repair Companies

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The Truth about Pay After Deletion Credit Repair Companies

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Pay After Deletion

Don’t be sold a fake bag of goods- Andre N  CEO Pinnacle Credit


You Pay The Price To Get The Value


Pay After Deletion

I’m sure you have done your research on which credit repair companies to hire and along your search you have heard about companies offering to charge you only after they have successfully removed negative accounts. Well, the truth is this “You get what you pay for” when it comes to most things in life, especially when it comes to a task that requires a sheer skillset that is so high on demand. Other companies may charge Cheap monthly prices to lure you in or maybe a “Pay After Deletion” contract that sounds totally risk-free, but in actually if you think your cash is the only commodity you have to lose then you are the sucker to these other credit repair scams out there had been fooled.


Your time is worth more than your cash!


Pay After DeletionHave you thought about your valuable time you may be wasting with the company you’re currently are using? Or maybe you are thinking about one particular company to hire, but have you considered how long it may take to complete the job? If you have existing credit lines, or auto loans it’s costing you every month having poor credit because of the high interest you are paying! Have you thought about how much you could save every month, or even how much you could save in a year? Imagine having little to no interest grace periods, or minimal interest rates on auto financing such as a 2.79% from USAA like we get our clients that complete our program within 30-90 days. Everybody loves the words “FREE” or ” GUARANTEED” but in life, nothing good comes free and there are no guarantees except that if you procrastinate and or don’t do the right research your credit situation will never be improved. You will never be able to save thousands a year in interest for the best cars or even qualify to own your own home with a comfortable low-interest rate for a mortgage. Let’s say you want to open up your own business do you think having bad credit is going to qualify for a loan?


So many companies preying on millions of misinformed Americans


Pay After DeletionAccording to an article from the La Times Magazine (See Full Article), about 45 million Americans don’t even know their credit scores, and according to another study from Prosperity Now (See Full Article) more than half of Americans, are either “credit invisible” or have poor credit, so that’s approximately 200 million people! Many companies take advantage of the fact they can mass market their radio commercials, facebook posts, or list their website on top of Google just to prey upon the millions of Americans that are totally misinformed about how credit repair works. Thus we are left with so many Americans still that are “Credit Invisible” or have poor credit like Prosperity Now says.

So whats the solution? How does your average American with bad credit find the right company? How can you decide what company will effectively remove your negative, derogatory accounts and raise your credit score in a reasonable time frame when you are being bombarded with thousands of emails, advertisements and radio ads on a regular basis as soon as you begin your search? The answer is this DO YOUR RESEARCH AND THE TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL!





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At Pinnacle Credit Management we know how hard the search for the right credit repair company can be. We are a trusted company and have local offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, New Jersey, and New York City. We want to prove that we are the best in the business so we offer a 60-day money back guarantee! If we are not able to improve your credit we will refund all of your money no questions asked! Your relationship and our reputation are important to us. We strive to build your credit score fast so you can achieve your financial goals. We want to be remembered as the company that changed your life!



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