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Pinnacle Credit helped me with my credit score by removing 7 federal tax lien off my report and a foreclosure as well as bankruptcy. I want to show off this so the people may know this guy is a very good person to do business with. I trusted them before and it was well worth it, I am happy to give my recommendation here on Yelp and support.


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1. Go to www.creditchecktotal.com 2. Click On "Get Your 3 Reports & Fico Scores 3. Fill out all of your personal information and pay $1.00 4. Send in your log in credentials (Username, Password, Last Four of Social) using the form below or email @ marketing@pinnaclecreditmanagement.com so we can access your report and we will call you immediately to discuss your report. "Take Care Of Your Credit & Your Credit Will Take Care Of You"