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Need Fast Credit Repair?

Pinnacle Credit Management is the fastest credit repair company

in the nation because we directly dispute

fast credit repair all your negative accounts electronically which bypass a lot of the limitations the bureaus have.Our fast credit repair services deliver an average of 80% completion within the first 15 days. We are the most affective in the entire industry.

Fast Credit Repair

Relax, we’ve done all the research for you and have taken the top fast credit repair companies

around and have compared them side by side. We measure speed, completion, price and customer service which are the types of credit repair services most Americans want. (Disclosure all information in comparison is based off information taken off each companies website)


Benefits of signing up with Our Credit Repair Services

  • We Rush every file to make sure you get deletions in as little as 15 days
  • No cooky cutter disputes or monthly fees.
  • Personal Credit Mentor to guide you all the way to your goals
  • We don’t want our clients to pay for a service they are not getting any benefit from so we make sure your score increases, we are required!
  • You pay us once and we complete the job 
  • $60,000 of primary tradelines that will boost your score fast
  • We sue the creditors for you and you get rewarded the settlement
  • Professional recommendation to our trusted lenders with a 98% approval rate


The first step is to receive a FREE CREDIT EVALUATION. You can obtain your credit reports from all 3 major credit bureaus for FREE here. Once you obtain your reports call us for a free consultation and we will review your credit reports. During the consultation we will inform you of all the problems your credit report has and the proper strategies we can execute together in order to boost your credit score to the MAX! We will also get to know more about you and your personal and or business goals. We have helped thousands of people obtain every type of financing you can imagine and after the consultation you will have certainty again!



After we receive your completed Agreement we will perform a Full Audit of Experian, Transunion, Equifax, ChexSystems, LexisNexis, and Innovis. After audit is completed you will receive your Unique account numbers in which you will be able to view in REAL TIME the dispositions of your disputes. We DO NOT send out letters, fax, or mail disputes. We use a special hegemonic decorum protocol that ensures the quickest response time from the creditors so you get your deletions much sooner than 30 days. Not all clients are qualified to use this method and must be prequalified during the initial consultation. Those qualified persons see an average or 80% deletion rate within the first 2 weeks.



Our score enhancement program is designed to pre-qualify you for whatever financing needs you have. Whether you want to obtain a mortgage, small business line of credit, business credit cards, or just increase your personal credit limits. It is our duty to make sure your credit is fully maintained and your score increases rapidly overtime. 80% of our clients lack credit history and or revolving credit so we have partnered up with select financial institutions that will grant you 20k-60k of unsecured credit as long as your are our client. Obtaining these primary credit accounts through our partnerships will boost your score tremendously

We remove :

Credit Repair Testimonials

My personal results and experience with Pinnacle Credit Repair so far has been great. I have already gone through 2 other credit repair companies in the past. Even though the results were nice, I still had derogatory items that remained on my credit and my credit scores were in the upper 500’s. After my first month with Pinnacle Credit, Over thirty percent of my existing derogatory Items were removed! My credit scores are now in the mid to upper 600 range!  Impressive work!!!

Leonard Travis  Los Angeles, CA

I can’t say enough about Pinnacle Credit Management and the team. .. We got into the place of our dreams after being unable to rent anywhere. .. and now it looks like we will be able to buy a home before next year. . Love you guys. . You do an amazing job with credit repair.

 – Alicia Grainer   Palo Alto, CA

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