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Traditional Credit Repair
Requires the client to provide the information needed to assist in the dispute process, which can be time consuming and a nerve wracking experience for the client Does not require Client to participate in the dispute process, saving time and nerves...virtually a hassle free experience.
Typically involves the CLIENT writing letters to creditors reporting information and attempting to prove that the information being reported is somehow inaccurate, or misleading. PCM DOES NOT write letters to ask that information be changed or modified to improve a credit score. We deal directly with the Credit Reporting Agencies using an ACDV (Automated Consumer Dispute Verification) method.
Traditional Credit Repair is a lengthly and expensive process which often fails to deliver what has been promised to the customer. Since credit repair companies must, by law, charge a start up fee and then charge a monthly it is in the credit repair companies best financial interest to draw the process out as long as possible. PCM compels the CRA's to comply with the 10+ various federal laws governing consumer credit, including FCRA/FACTA regulations, making them produce verifiable proof they can legally report the consumer's private financial information
Credit Repair is often successful in having some items removed, only to have it re-report in a different reporting cycle. Thus, it is not a viable permanent removal of the information. Can be completed within 60-90 days, usually with immediate results. Great for clients who are trying to qaulify for immediate loans and/or mortgage approvals.
Traditional Credit Repair cannot delete ALL types of negative information from a credit report, and therefore, may not have the desired outcome. Pinnacle Credit Repair's method is permanent and the information, once removed or changed, cannot be easily re-reported without penalty of law.
Traditional Credit Repair companies struggle to take off even the most serious negative accounts as well as late payments. There are NO negative items which cannot legally be removed from a credit report, including: Tax liens Charge offs Bankruptcy Late Payments Foreclosure Repossession
Traditional Credit Repair does not provide consumer education to prevent future defaults. PCM provides a program to educate clients on how the credit system works and how to maximize credit scores by adding positive information to credit profiles. When compared side by side, our credit restoration system is much more economical and effective than ANY credit repair system. We have a proven system which has an astounding successful deletion rate.

Traditional Credit Repair VS Pinnacle Credit Repairfix your credit

There are many companies out there who say they are willing to help you fix your credit. There are a number of credit repair companies that are legitimate and efficient in restoring your good name. Then there are a number of companies that are nothing more than scams. And somewhere in between there are companies that make false promises, offer sub-standard service, exaggerate results, tell half-truths, and/or ignorantly engage in illegal practices. With so many different options, how do you decide which one is best for you?

What Makes Pinnacle Different?

  • Exceptional Customer Service – At Pinnacle credit We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, and strive to offer the best in the industry. Our paralegals are friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to address any concerns and answer any questions you may have. We treat all of our clients as individuals and will tailor your case to meet your specific needs
  • Experience and Expertise – Pinnacle has over 28+ years of experience. No other credit repair company or law firm in the industry can match our history.
  • On-Going Credit Coaching and Education – We also put a vested interest into your future financial well-being by offering on-going education that pertains to many issues in the credit arena. We believe that knowledge is power and that you can become empowered by learning such things as:


  • How to improve your credit rating.
  • How to protect yourself against identity theft.
  • How to deal with collectors.
  • How to understand your credit report.


Values-Oriented Company – All staff are held accountable to standards such as:

  • All individuals are to be treated with the highest respect.
  • Maintain an environment that thrives on quality, innovation, integrity and a commitment to do our very best.
  • Anticipate changes and continue to evolve in order to meet challenges in the marketplace.
  • Make a difference by never losing sight of our team commitment for championing the individual.


credit repairCleanest Record in the Industry – It is always a good idea to verify the good standing of any company. Pinnacle’s record shows impeccable customer satisfaction; which is another sound reason to choose us as your credit repair specialists.

Lifetime Membership – Once signed-up with Pinnacle, you are a client for life. Even if you cancel, you can start up again at any time. You only pay the initial start-up fee the first time you sign up, then it is waived every time thereafter.

Identity Theft Repair and Protection – ID Theft, one of America’s fastest growing crimes, can do tremendous damage to the victim’s credit report. For these victims, taking on the credit bureaus and creditors alone usually leaves them with nothing but frustration and a tarnished credit record. Our knowledge and expertise can help undo the damage caused by an ID thief

Online Access to Track Progress – We believe that it is your right to monitor the progress that has been made on your case. Our online client access allows you to see the work that has been done and the improvements that have been made on your behalf. We have nothing to hide when it comes to the fruits of our labors.

Most Comprehensive Credit Restoration Company – We believe that we offer the most comprehensive credit restoration services in the industry. Where others will not, we will:

  • Work with creditors, when necessary, by sending customized Creditor Direct (CD) letters.
  • Dispute inquiries, which are very difficult to remove. We have a 60%-70% success rate in getting inquiries removed; while other companies feel inquiries are too difficult to confront.
  • Challenge discrepancies involving personal information on your report.
    Assist clients in building positive credit, while deleting the negative.


Send us your credit report to receive a quote

1. Go to www.creditchecktotal.com 2. Click on Get Your 3 reports & FICO Scores 3. On right side of screen it states “Don’t have a username” CLICK on “click here to get started” 4. Fill out all of your personal information in and payment information to sign up 6. Submit your log in credentials (username, password , last four of your social security number) to this contact form and we will email you with a quote followed by a call from our Head Credit Pathologist Andre "Take Care Of Your Credit & Your Credit Will Take Care Of You"

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