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Credit RXPinnacle Credit Repair uses dynamic, credit score-centric, pre-litigation strategies to ensure maximum results in restoring our clients’ credit…Strategies are up to 100% more effective than conventional dispute methods. Our vigorous credit account auditing process leverage consumer and commercial laws in favor of our clients. Some of these laws are the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, the Uniform Commercial Code Act, and more.

Pinnacle Credit Repair is the only company that offers “Credit Rx”, a real world solution for our clients’ credit restoration needs.

Our study has shown that without the support of the “Credit Rx” program, 90% of clients ended up with many, if not all of their previous credit problems within 18 months. A new financial mindset, along with powerful pre-litigation strategies has to be established for a lasting credit restoration solution.



Pinnacle CreditOur clients do not have to leave the comfort of their home to participate in our “Credit Rx” program. They simply log on to our Credit Rx webinars once a week to become a financially healthy, credit savvy consumer.

We deliver all of these high-level services for about the same price, or less than what other credit repair companies charge for conventional strategies alone.

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