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Pinnacle Credit

The Best Credit Repair Company

Pinnacle Credit Management is fastest credit repair company in the nation because we are the only credit repair company to directly dispute all of your negative accounts electronically with the bureaus instead of using letters.

We have two amazing programs programs:

Program #1

This program requires a flat fee which is calculated based on how many negative accounts are on your file, and takes approximately 30-90 days on average to get full results.
Program # 2

This program cost $150 a month until we remove all of your negative accounts and may take up to 3-6 months to complete since this system.

Free Consultation

Our consultation takes just few minutes and is completely free. All that I need from you is a recent copy of your Tri-Merged Credit Report emailed to us and we can begin, if you do not have a copy to send us we can do a soft pull of your credit report over the phone for just $1.00.

sign up with and email your username, password, and last four of social to receive a quote


7 Benefits of Signing Up :

  • Clean-up unlimited, erroneous negative records

  • Collections, late payments, judgements, tax liens, foreclosures & more

  • 80% of questionable items removed on average in the first 15-30 days

  • 150+200 point average FICO score increase in first 15-30 days

  • unlimited credit reports from Equifax, Experian & Tran

  • You pay nothing until you receive results 

  • free credit evaluation with an expert

Send us your credit report to receive a quote

1. Go to 2. Click on Get Your 3 reports & FICO Scores 3. On right side of screen it states “Don’t have a username” CLICK on “click here to get started” 4. Fill out all of your personal information in and payment information to sign up 6. Submit your log in credentials (username, password , last four of your social security number) to this contact form and we will email you with a quote followed by a call from our Head Credit Pathologist Andre "Take Care Of Your Credit & Your Credit Will Take Care Of You"

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